NEW Nonfiction Books That Make the Perfect Gifts

Do you know a curious kid who would love to learn more about the world around them? Well, I’ve got the perfect roundup of large format books that are not only educational, but engaging and entertaining !

From inventions, to history, to animals, to folklore around the world, these books cover a wide variety of topics that have tons of kid appeal. Packed with information and adorned with gorgeous illustrations, kids will love pouring over these treasures for  hours!

The plethora of information in these gems make them better suited for children in upper elementary.

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The Encyclopedia of Unbelievable Facts by Jane Wilsher; illustrated by Louise Lockhart, 2021

Trivia lovers will not be able to get enough of this incredible book that informs readers of facts on numerous topics including the human body, animals, space, history, the arts, and so much more.

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A Bedtime Full of Stories: 50 Folk Tales and Legends From Around the World by Angela McAllister; illustrated by Anna Shepeta, 2021

Expect to hear the words, “Just one more.” when reading this enchanting book full of stories from around the globe. Each tale is the perfect length for a quick bedtime story or while enjoying a snack and an excellent way to introduce children to different parts of the world.

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100 Things to Know About Inventions by Clive Gifford; illustrated by Yiffy Gu, 2021

A brief paragraph accompanied by a colorful illustration informs readers of the inventions of a myriad of amazing items. Our entire family was captivated by this one and since each page can stand alone, it is ideal for browsing.

You may also like 100 Things to Know About Art.

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Only in America: The Weird and the Wonderful by Heather Alexander; illustrated by Alan Berry Rhys, 2021

My son is studying the states this year in school and Only in America has been a fun way to pique his interest and learn some really interesting facts about our country! Each state is allotted a two-page spread with an introductory paragraph as well as break out boxes and fast facts including fantastic foods, the state quarter, and cool inventions.

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Fairy Tale Land: 12 Classic Tales Reimagined by Kate Davies; illustrated by Lucille Clerc, 2021

With its multicultural cast of characters and updated retellings of the traditional fairy tales, this whimsical book is sure to be treasured for years. The striking illustrations of each story’s setting particularly stands out as they invite the reader to experience the magical world of fairy tales for themselves.

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Ancient World Magnified by David Long; illustrated by Andy Rowland, 2021

A pop-out magnifying glass allows readers to travel through time and get a closer look at ancient civilizations in this educational look-and-find book!

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One Moment in Time by Ben Lerwill; illustrated by Alette Straathof, 2021

This brilliant book teaches readers about time zones and geography while also posing questions to connect them with children from around the world.

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Adventures in Architecture for Kids by Vicky Chan, 2021

Complete with step-by-step instructions, this unique book is a good resource for teaching kids how to create their own buildings and experiment with 3D models.

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Frozen Mountain by Emily Hawkins; illustrated by K. Fresson

Similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure stories, this engaging book has a removable spinner that allows the reader to spin to see their fate while climbing a treacherous mountain. Complete with survival tips, this engaging book also shares the stories of several real-life survivors.

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Lore of the Wild: Folklore & Wisdom From Nature by Claire Cock-Starkey; illustrated by Aitch, 2021

Gorgeous detailed illustrations adorn the pages of this stunning book that introduces readers to a plethora of folktales, creation stories, and omens from around the world.

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Inside Animals: The Brilliant and Bizarre Bodies of Beasts Big and Small by Barbara Taylor; illustrated by Margaux Carpenter

Eye-catching illustrations featuring the bodies of twenty animals draw readers in as they learn fascinating facts about the animal’s unique features that will wow and amaze them.

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Rescuing Titanic: A True Story of Quiet Bravery in the North Atlantic by Flora Delargy, 2021

While tragic, the story of the Titanic is utterly fascinating to many children and adults. This illuminating book introduces readers to the famous ship and the timeline leading to its disastrous end with a focus on the RMS Carpathia, the ship who bravely saved the survivors.

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The World’s Most Pointless Animals by Philip Bunting, 2021

Full of humor, this offbeat book introduces readers to a myriad of animal facts that are both funny and interesting!

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A Natural History of Magick by Poppy David; illustrated by Jessica Roux, 2021

From its origins to its variations, this striking book takes readers on a tour through the many mysterious facets of magic!

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When Plants Took Over the Planet: The Amazing Story of Plant Evolution by Dr. Chris Thorogood; illustrated by Amy Grimes, 2021

Budding botanists won’t be able to get enough of this absorbing book that teaches readers about the first ever plant and how our flora and fauna have evolved over time.

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Book of Bones: 10 Record-Breaking Animals by Gabrielle Balkan ; illustrated by Sam Brewster

(Ages 4  and up)

Book of Bones presents a series of clues to encourage children to guess which animal has the biggest, heaviest, fewest, and fastest-growing bones. Ten record-breaking animals are included in all. Gorgeous illustrations displaying the animals in their natural habitat reveal the answers as well as further information describing the advantages of their bone structure.

In addition to captivating facts (who knew the Regal Horned Lizard can shoot blood out of its eyes?!?), a standout feature that sets this book apart is that texture is applied to each animal, so that the bones can be felt. My five-year-old son absolutely loved running his hands over the skeletons and discovering so many interesting new facts! Kids won’t be able to put down this captivating nonfiction book!

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