Cookbooks for Kids and Books That Promote Food Positivity

Anyone else out there constantly stressed about what they are going to serve for dinner? Honestly, family meals are the bane of my existence. I am constantly struggling to find easy, healthy meals my entire family will eat.
Luckily, a few of my favorite food accounts on Instagram recently came out with cookbooks that have amazing recipes!!
The best part about several of these books is that they are aimed at empowering children to help prepare the meals. There are so many benefits to kids learning to cook at an early age including growing their self-confidence, practicing math skills, developing problem solving abilities, and bonding with an adult over the joy of food.
Also included in this round up are several books by a pediatric dietitian whose mission is to help children develop a healthy relationship with food. I’m so impressed with how thoughtful each book is at helping children better understand and respect different types of foods.

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Kid Kitchen: Fun and Easy Recipes You Can Make All By Yourself! (or With Just a Little Help) by Heather Staller

What I love the most about this phenomenal cookbook, besides the delicious recipes, is the way it empowers kids to make the meals themselves (or with a little help from a grown up). Each recipe comes with a difficulty rating and there is a forward with kitchen safety tips as well as an introduction to cooking tools and common ingredients. I also love the brightly colored photographs that make the food look so enticing!

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More, Please! Food Kids Love by Jane Nicholson

As someone who dreads preparing school lunches, I found her insights on lunchbox essentials and quick 10-minute lunch ideas particularly valuable. 

The book contains over 100 recipes, many with an Asian twist, that will appeal to both kids and adults. One standout feature is the abundance of large, visually appealing photographs showcasing the finished dishes, accompanied by clear and user-friendly instructions. I also really appreciate the added tips on making the meals even more kid friendly and convenient for packing in a lunchbox the next day. This is an excellent cookbook that I know we will be using a lot! 

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Pandas Love Pickles Let’s Eat! Playful Recipes & Crafts for Curious Kids by Liz Lynch and Katie Blauser

This creative cookbook combines the alphabet with delicious recipes and cute crafts for one fantastic book. Each two-page spread contains an animal paired with an unlikely food starting with the same letter of the alphabet. “Aardvarks try alphabet soup”, “Hippos try hamburgers”, “Meercats try mangoes” are just a few examples of the clever way each recipe and craft is introduced. I love the eye-catching photographs featuring each meal and craft along with the simple directions. This is such a fun cookbook for kids of a variety of ages.  

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Look and Cook Snacks by Valorie Fisher

This clever cookbook uses photographs with minimum text to demonstrate how to cook several delicious recipes perfect for little chefs. The simple recipes are presented with step-by-step visual instructions to guide children even if they can’t read yet. My kids found it so helpful to see pictures of the ingredients and tools needed as well as how to use them.

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The following books are written by a pediatric dietitian whose mission is to help children develop a healthy relationship with food. I’m so impressed with how thoughtful each book is at helping children better understand and respect different types of foods. With the goal of increasing children’s curiosity toward food, the books are an excellent mix of educating children and emboldening them to explore foods using their five senses. I highly recommend all of them.

Becoming a Food Explorer by Dani Lebovitz, illustrated by Mary Navarro

I absolutely adore the way this book gently encourages children to let their curiosity lead them as they explore new foods with a growing confidence. Rolling rhymes empower children to use their five senses and listen to their body to identify tastes and textures they like and dislike. Additionally, the book urges children to communicate their food preferences and to respect others’ meal choices.

As an extra bonus, a QR Code in the back of the book links to a free companion guide that includes thought-provoking conversation starters and stimulating activity prompts.

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Steam-Powered Food Adventures: 101 Child-Led Explorations for Curious Kids by Dani Lebovitz, illustrated by Mary Navarro

Broken into categories of color, a large variety of food is presented along with creative activities using mostly fruits and veggies. There is a ton of great information packed into this book in a child-friendly way. The bright illustrations are eye catching and I absolutely love how this book encourages children to explore and play with different types of food.

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101 Descriptive Words for Food Explorers by Dani Lebovitz, illustrated by Mary Navarro

This brilliant book equips children with a rich descriptive vocabulary, empowering them to articulate and communicate their food preferences. It encourages kids to use their five senses, to discern specific qualities they enjoy or dislike in foods. Instead of a generic “I don’t like this,” the book inspires them to express preferences using terms like “chewy,” “pungent,” or “tart.” Conversely, they can appreciate and describe foods as “citrusy,” “creamy,” or “savory.” By providing access to this nuanced vocabulary, the book facilitates effective expression of food preferences, fostering a more positive relationship with food for children.

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Where Does Broccoli Come From? A Book of Vegetables by Dani Lebovitz, illustrated by Mary Navarro

This clever book is jam-packed with amazing information for kids! By providing facts on what veggies are, how they grow, the different nutrients they provide, and how to eat and store them, children gain an incredible insight into the food that my appear on their plates. My kids loved flipping through to pick out new foods to try.

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