New Books for Summer 2024

It’s time to celebrate summer with brand-new books focusing on basking in the sun at the beach, relishing quiet summer days spent relaxing with a loved one, learning a new skill, and indulging in tasty treats. I just know you are going to love these fantastic new tales!

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Summer is Here by Renee Watson, illustrated by Bea Jackson , 2024

The skillful way this jubilant book celebrates all the small joys of summer, I have no doubt it is destined to become a classic summer read aloud. From eating fresh fruit to splashing in the pool with friends to picnics,  so many treasured moments are captured in this gorgeous new book.

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If You Spot a Shell by Aimée Sicuro, 2024

If You Find a Leaf is one of my absolute favorite books for fall, so I was thrilled to see this new summer-themed story from Aimée Sicuro. This wonderful celebration of imagination invites readers to see seashells in a whole new way. Based on their varying shapes, they could be wheels on a bike, a twisty slide, a kite, or so much more! The eye-catching illustrations integrate shells into beautiful artwork and instructions in the back even encourage children to make their own shell creations.

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Big Bear and Little Bear Go Fishing by Amy Hest, illustrated by Erin Stead, 2024

In a time when people constantly find themselves rushing about, this gentle story expertly demonstrates the beauty in slowing down and enjoying the company of a loved one. When Big Bear wakes up in the mood for fishing, he and Little Bear make their preparations and head off to the lake to spend the day together. The soft tones from award-winning artist Erin Stead’s illustrations perfectly set the tone for this delightful tale that has all the makings of a modern-day classic.

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Sandcastles Are Forever by Ellie Peterson, 2024

This fantastic friendship story follows a young girl and her best friend Shelly who love to build sandcastles together every day. When Shelly announces she’s moving, however, the girl doesn’t see the point in spending time together anymore until her mother helps her gain new perspective. Just like building sand castles, friendships take patience, perseverance, and a good sense of humor.

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I Love My Bike by Simone Mole, illustrated by Sam Usher, 2024

This wonderful lesson in perseverance and resilience follows a young girl as she learns how to ride her bike. Many readers will relate to the child’s excitement of getting a bike of their own, the fear associated with falling off, and the thrill of riding successfully.

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A Sundae With Everything On It by Kyle Scheele, illustrated by Andy J. Pizza

A Sundae With Everything On is a wild adventure between a boy and his mom as they travel through space and time searching for the perfect dessert. I love how the mom is a quantum physicist and it is her brilliance that allows the duo to travel to different dimensions. The colorful eye-catching illustrations filled with entertaining details bring each whimsical world alive and are a true feast for the eyes. This zany story has tons of kids appeal and is perfect for little ice cream lovers!

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Ahoy by Sophie Blackall, 2024

Imagination abounds in this exceptional story from award-winning creator Sophie Blackall. As a busy mother attempts to vacuum a rug, she gets pulled into her son’s inventive game transforming their ordinary living room into the high seas. I absolutely adore this joyful celebration of pretend play.

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The Scariest Campfire Story You’ve Ever Heard by Ron Keres, illustrated by Arthur Lin, 2024

Gather round! It’s time to share a creepy tale that is more likely to have kids laughing than shaking in their boots. Upbeat rhymes describe spooky sounds a family hears while on their camping trip. Their imagination runs wild while trying to decipher who or what could be making those sounds. There is the perfect amount of drama and humor in this story to make it one kids will beg for again and again.

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Partly Cloudy by Deborah Freedman, 2024

There is nothing like cloud gazing on a hot summer day. This adorable story follows two rabbits who view the clouds very differently! While one uses their imagination to see a wide variety of objects in the sky, the other one takes more of a scientific approach accurately describing the name of each cloud formation. This clever story successfully entertains and educates!

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Beach Hair by Ashley Woodfolk, illustrated by Nina Mata, 2024

Filled with wonderfully descriptive adjectives, this book is a joyous celebration of different types of hair. When a child wakes up with bedhead, he and his family decide to go to the beach where their hair can continue to be wild and untamed.

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Duck Duck Taco Truck by Laura Lavoie, illustrated by Teresa Martínez, 2024

Upbeat rhymes follow dueling food trucks battling over their beachside turf. They soon realize, they can cook up something even more delicious and successful if they work together. The message of collaboration combined with energetic illustrations and flowing rhymes makes this one a winner for all.

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Let’s Go by Julie Flett, 2024

After dreaming of following in the footsteps of the big kids of his neighborhood, a young boy finally gets the opportunity to skateboard. Inspired by her own skating community, Native American creator, Julie Flett, captures the joy and comradery found in learning a new skill with others.

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The Squish by Breanna Carzoo, 2024

A newly formed sandcastle attempts to avoid being squished in this adorable new summer-themed book.

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