Gift Giving Guide for the Truck Lover 2016


Mighty Truck by Chris Barton; illustrated by Troy Cummings (Ages 3 – 6)

In this superman meets truck spinoff, an ordinary pick-up truck transforms from everyday construction vehicle to a powerful monster truck that saves the day. Trucks and superheroes? This is one SUPER read!

Look out for the sequel, Mighty Truck Muddymania by Chris Barton, making a splash March 2017.


rescuesquad9Rescue Squad No. 9 by Mike Austin (Ages 2– 6)

Told through beautifully crafted illustrations and sparse text this stunning book takes children on a maritime adventure. The story opens with Rescue Squad No. 9 equipping their boat and helicopter. The reader then follows the team through an exciting rescue as they come to the aid of a stranded boat. The book also includes water safety tips from the Red Cross and illustrations and terminology of the rescue equipment featured in the book.

  • Pair this with Mike Austin’s companion book, Fire Engine No. 9 (Booklist Top Books 2015).


racecarcountRace Car Count by Rebecca Kai Dotlich; illustrated by Michael H. Slack  (Ages 3 – 6)

This simple counting book provides a fun ride as ten race cars with big personalities take to the track. Flowing rhymes help introduce the cars as they zoom through the race. The “meet the race cars” page in the back of the bo
ok provides more fun statistics as it includes each car’s nickname, it’s hobby and favorite food.


mutThe Mixed-Up Truck by Stephen Savage (Ages 2 – 6)

Cement mixer is excited for his first day at the construction site and doesn’t want to make any mistakes. The adorable little truck starts the day trying to make cement, but unfortunately mixes the wrong materials producing a cake, frosting, and bubbles. This delightful story reminds children of the importance of perseverance and that sometimes mistakes are okay.


supertruckSupertruck by Stephen Savage (Notable Children’s book 2016, Theodore Seuss Geisel Award Honor) (Ages 2 – 6)

When a giant snow storm hits the city, only one truck can help. By day he is a lowly garbage truck, but when needed he transforms into Supertruck who can plow through any snowstorm. A perfect read for the upcoming winter.


Old MacDonald Had a Truck written by Steve Goetz; illustrated by Eda Kaban (Ages 2 – 6)

Trucks, construction vehicles, girl power and a catchy tune… these are just a few of the things that make this children’s book a standout. This clever adaptation of the old folk song starts out with Old MacDonald and his wife driving onto the farm. The reader quickly discovers that in addition to farmyard animals, Old MacDonald also has a myriad of construction vehicles including excavators, cement mixers, bulldozers and a wife that is not only a talented mechanic, but also a monster truck driver. Pure fun!


callingallcarsCalling All Cars by Sue Fliess; illustrated by Sarah A. Beise (Ages 2 – 4)

Bright digital artwork enhances this adorable rhyming book. Cartoonlike characters drive an assortment of vehicles across busy landscapes. There is nothing particularly groundbreaking about this read, but young car lovers are going to want to reread it again and again to look at all the different vehicles.


racecardreamsRace Car Dreams by Sharon Chriscoe; illustrated by Dave Mottram (Ages 3 -5)

A perfect bedtime story for car lovers. After zooming around the track all day, a little race car is ready for bed. Children will find familiarity and comfort in the car’s bedtime routine as he eats dinner, has a bath, reads a book, and then cuddles down for the night with his favorite toy (a wrench of course). He quickly falls asleep where he dreams of winning another race. The soft, dark tones of the illustrations set the mood for your own little race car to quickly zoom off to sleep after reading this story.