A Home for Leo by Vin Vogel

A Home for Leo by Vin Vogel, 2018 

(Ages 4 – 8)

“Let’s read it again!” These are the words I love hearing when sharing a story with my children. A Home for Leo by Vin Vogel became an instant favorite in our home. Using bright colors and minimal text, Vin Vogel expertly tells the touching story of Leo, a baby who falls into the sea and is adopted by sea lions. As he grows into boyhood, Leo loves his aquatic lifestyle, but feels that something is missing from his life. When he is rediscovered by his parents, he is elated at first, but also misses his sea lion friends. After several comical efforts to adapt, a compromise is made that makes everyone happy.

I am a big fan of Vin Vogel. One of the many things I love about his books is that they have layers. While parts of this story are humorous, others are also moving, and thought provoking. There is just enough text to inform the reader, but there is also a lot to interpret from the illustrations. This allows children to practice inferring, thinking critically and deepening their comprehension.

The beach theme makes this a perfect choice for summer, but this is a book that will be popular all year long!

Thank you to Blue Slip Media for sharing this book with me. All thoughts and opinions of the book are my own.