A Busy Creature’s Day Eating! An Alphabetical Smorgasbord by Mo Willems

 A Busy Creature’s Day Eating! An Alphabetical Smorgasbord by Mo Willems, 2018

(Ages 3 – 8)

Mo Willems has created another hilarious picture book that children are going to love. His take on an alphabet book stars a little purple creature who wakes up ravenous. He begins his day by eating his way through the alphabet starting with apples for A and berries for B. He hesitates when he reaches the letter F, but quickly finds furniture to munch on. My five-year-old son laughed out loud as the story takes an unexpected turn and the monster begins to chomp on anything he stumbles upon edible or otherwise. The poor little creature soon becomes ill from his unusual diet and the second half of the alphabet is presented as remedies from his caring father.

This humorous play on an alphabet book is irresistible!

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