Kid Picks April 2019

This month our family enjoyed a myriad of books with our favorites ranging from our typical silly stories to easy readers, and even a beautifully illustrated story about friendship. We hope you enjoy the below books as much as we do!

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Arrr, Mustache Baby by Bridget Heos; illustrated by Joy Ang, 2019

(Ages 3 – 8)

This is one of my favorite series to read to children. Just the idea of a baby with a mustache is enough to make them giggle. Over-the-top narration and comical illustrations add to the fun of this hilarious series.

In Arrr, Mustache Baby, Billy and Javier are two toddlers with facial hair who are enjoying a day at the pool when they observe two other toddlers acting as pirates up to no good. When they swoop in to save the day, however, they become enticed by the lure of treasure and soon transform into scallywags themselves.

My children could not get enough of this humorous book and asked for it night after night. It is a fun and silly read aloud that you won’t want to miss.

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Stop That Yawn! by Caron Levis; illustrated by LeUyen Pham, 2018

(Ages 4 – 8)

It is almost impossible not to yawn while reading this enthralling book, making it perfect for bedtime!

“Abby Wild had had enough of bedtime.” So begins the entertaining story of a girl and her grandmother who travel to a magical place where no one sleeps. When her grandmother lets out an enormous yawn, however, it causes the townspeople to collapse in slumber. Abby partakes in a whimsical adventure trying to stop the yawn before it spreads throughout the entire city.

The rhythmic text and lively, detailed illustrations make this an enchanting read aloud. Many children will relate to the exuberant Abby and her desire to avoid bedtime. The countless mentions of yawning, however, will help relax readers and help them succumb to their own sleepiness.

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The Happy Book by Andy Rash, 2019

(Ages 4 – 8)

Our family just adores this quirky book on feelings!  Surrounded by sunshine and flowers, Camper and his best friend Clam could not be happier. Clam bakes a cake to celebrate their friendship, but becomes sad when Camper eats the entire thing. Soon the friends travel through a range of emotions represented by different “books”.

Bright colors, clever details, and humorous dialogue make this book an engaging read aloud that children will ask for again and again. While funny, there is also a valuable lesson of sharing one’s feelings with others in an honest and constructive manner.

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Mr. Monkey Visits a School by Jeff Mack, 2018

(Ages 4 – 8)

With my son just learning to read, we have been in search for easy readers that are both engaging and that can help him build upon his literacy skills. We were thrilled to find Mr. Monkey, a funny new easy reader series. The Mr. Monkey books repeat words often and use visual clues from the comical illustrations. While Mr. Monkey can be pretty clumsy and silly at times, he also demonstrates resilience and always tries his best, attributes that I try to reinforce in my own children. The action-packed illustrations are full of physical comedy and had my six-year-old and three-year-old laughing out loud.

Our current favorite in this amusing series is Mr. Monkey Visits a School. In this installment, Mr. Monkey is invited to his local school to demonstrate a new trick he has learned. Despite facing a variety of setbacks, he puts problem-solving skills to the test and doesn’t let rain, snow, or even stubborn cows stop him from getting to school where he faces his biggest challenge yet.

This is a terrific series for new readers to approach independently and it also makes for an entertaining read aloud.

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The Bear, the Piano, The Dog, and the Fiddle by David Litchfield, 2019

(Ages 5 and up)

I absolutely love The Bear and the Piano, so I was thrilled to share the sequel, The Bear, the Piano, The Dog, and the Fiddle with my children. Gorgeous illustrations adorn this reflective story about friendship, jealousy, and forgiveness.

Even though Hector aspires to play his fiddle in front of a large audience, he becomes discouraged and gives up on his dream. When he packs away his fiddle, however, it is picked up by his admiring dog, Hugo. Unbeknownst to Hector, his dog practices night after night becoming an expert musician. When Hugo joins an all animal band that tours around the world, Hector struggles with emotions of happiness for his friend and jealousy.

My sensitive son really enjoyed this book and said that he almost cried at the end because he was so happy that the friends were able to make up. This is a sweet story about a relatable scenario of being both envious and proud of a friend that is sure to resonate with many children. Readers will also love the stunning illustrations that capture the beauty of a city landscape.

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