Goldilocks and the Just Right Potty by Leigh Hodgkinson


Goldilocks and the Just Right Potty by Leigh Hodgkinson, 2017

(Ages 2 – 4)

In this clever fractured fairytale, Goldilocks is a toddler who is ready to put her soggy diapers behind her and graduate to big-girl underwear. Readers join her on her journey to find just-right undies, a just-right potty, and figure out the just-right time to go to the bathroom. 

My two-and-a-half-year-old is just starting to potty train and when we brought home a pile of books, she immediately gravitated toward this one. My daughter is so excited for her own big-girl undies and loved watching Goldilocks pick out her own. I think it was also good for her to see another child figuring out the potty training process at the same time. Goldilocks didn’t get it right away; she made mistakes and had accidents and that was okay. Potty training takes time and persistence. She finally got it in the end and I know my daughter will too.

In addition to the great lesson on potty training, this book is a standout due to its illustrations. I absolutely love Leigh Hodgkinson’s mixed-media artwork and the addition of different font types adds to the playfulness of the book. Those children familiar with the fairytale will notice several nods to the original, such as the family eating porridge and Goldilocks playing with three little bear dolls. This book is age-appropriate, engaging, and just-right for potty training.



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